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Spring 2015

 I  hope you are all enjoying the winter, whether you are basking in the warmth of a southern state or delighting in the cold and snow of our beautiful state.

Just because you retired from active service doesn't mean you should no longer be active in a professional organization. The NHREA (New Hampshire Retired Educator Association) works closely with NRTA (National Retired Educator Association) a division of AARP and NEA-New Hampshire. It is a viable, growing group that needs your participation and support so that our common goals and interests may be strengthened.

“Retire, not from

Barbara Adams

Ellen Addorio

Barbara Allard

Sandra Amlaw

Susan Anderson

Maxine Andrews

Louis Armstrong

Christine Asquith

Cheryl Badger

Constance Barrett

Nora Basquill

Lois Beach

Drian Blanchette

Ruth Bourdelais

Diane Brown

Mary Byrne

David Campbell

Maureen Chamberlain

Pam Clark

Grace Cody

Elisa Collishaw

Elaine Conboy

Geraldine Copelaand

Eileen Cunniffe

Francis Davis

Laurette Delisle

Edward Dickinson

Patricia Dowey

Margaret Doyle

Norman Evans

Linda Fairchild

Virginia Flint

Madeline Gingras

David Greene

Lori Greene

June Groele

Margaret Gunzelman

Allison Hamilton

James Hurley

John Kane


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