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 We thank our deceased members for their dedication to education
and mourn the loss of their friendship.

Ina Abood

Blanche Bailey

Belle Baker

Shirley Belisle

Joy Betts

Gerard Burchell

Verna Burchell

Stephen E. Dehl

Al Fisher

Lolita Forbes

Austin Frain

Jacqueline Greenough

Curtis Haley

Robert J. Hall

Yvonne B. Houpis

James Huebner

Anne B. Hussey

Gladys Kelley

Elsie King

Harvey Knapp

Ann T. Ladam

Harold Matava

Leo McCabe

Ruth McGrath

Frank Milliken

Christina Nelson

Ellen Pearce

Michael Phelps

Phyllis Simmons

Elizabeth Smith

Ethelyn Thomas

Al Young